Baby Bottle Boomerang

Our Baby Bottle Boomerang program is a very simple program. We furnish imaged baby bottles to a church at no cost which then distributes them to church members. The program is designed to raise needed funds for us to provide life-affirming services. We provide these services free to women and families dealing with an unplanned pregnancy, especially those who have pressures to abort their child. Other significant benefits of this program are as follows:

  • Increases the number of people in your church or organization who hear the pro-life message.
  • Involves both the church and community in helping to build a culture of life.
  • Bottles serve as an excellent educational opportunity for families that take them and fill them with contributions to discuss the sanctity of life in their homes.
  • Fosters discussions about why pregnancy clinics exists; how it helps women and helps save babies; and how their family can help.

These and other significant benefits can be realized by this very simple program. Contact Executive Director Mary Gliserman Mason to see how you can facilitate this program in your church or organization. or 913-287-8287