We are a family of pregnancy clinics serving, with Christ-like compassion, women and families facing an unplanned pregnancy who are at risk of choosing abortion.

All of our services are provided at no cost to our clients. These free services include: pregnancy test; sonogram; confidential counseling; community resource referrals; baby items and supplies; Women of Worth program (WOW); plus parenting education and life skills education.

We hope to save Babies At Risk from abortion.

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Wyandotte Pregnancy Clinic is located at 3021 N. 54th St, KC, KS and was established in 2007. We serve a high volume of clients - 5,000 client visits per year; over 500 sonograms per year.

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Olathe Pregnancy Clinic is the newest member of our family and will open in late summer at 1313 E. Santa Fe in Olathe. We are conducting a Capital Campaign to help launch this clinic. For more details about Olathe Pregnancy Clinic click HERE.

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Our Mobile Pregnancy Clinic moves around to locations to offer women services where they live. We also partner with other pregnancy clinics with our Mobile.

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We have a separate web site for our clients, who are women facing an unplanned pregnancy and at risk of choosing abortion: