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Changing Lives...Saving Lives

New Location

We have leased an excellent location for OPC - 2 blocks west of I-35 on Santa Fe behind QuikTrip. Address is 1313 E. Santa Fe. Our Mobile is also parked there. Our grand opening and blessing by Archbishop Joseph Naumann is Sunday, Nov 4 from 2pm to 4pm. Please join us.

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Capital Campaign (CONCLUDED as of 01-23-19; $507,986 raised !!! Thanks to all who made this happen.)

We have begun a Capital Campaign to raise the needed monies for start-up costs and 2 to 3 years of operating costs. The campaign goal is $500,000 in combined cash plus 3-year pledges. We plan to open in 2018 at that point in time when our Capital Campaign has provided adequate resources. 

Join our Capital Campaign to help launch OPC and download our Capital Campaign pledge card here. Questions/comments may be directed to Ron Kelsey OPC Steering Committee Chairperson at ronkelsey10@gmail.com or 913-908-8290 (cell).


Capital Campaign Progress as of January 23, 2019

Campaign Progress - Goal Exceeded!!

$507,986 in Gifts To-Date


Tax-deductible donations of any amount are welcome. Donors may find it easier to make a larger gift by making a 3-year pledge. We have identified 3 levels of of giving.

  • Olathe Pregnancy Clinic (OPC) Founders Club
    $15,000 pledge/cash donation over 3 years

  • Friends of Olathe Pregnancy Clinic
    - $3,000 pledge/cash donation over 3 years

  • General donations of any amount including 3-year pledges

       1.  Plaques of Founders and Friends will be displayed in OPC offices.
      2. Names of Founders and Friends will be used in campaign materials (with permission
          of donor).

Memorial gifts may be given in memory of loved one(s).

We would like to encourage donors to consider making a 3-year pledge as is common in other capital campaigns. If you would like to make a donation/pledge or have any questions please contact Ron Kelsey, Olathe Pregnancy Clinic Steering Committee Chairperson, at 913-908-8290 or ronkelsey10@gmail.com.

Current Founders Club members and Friends of Olathe Pregnancy Clinic
as of April 19, 2018:

Founders Club
$30,000  Steve and Kim Wisdom
$30,000  Anonymous
$25,000  Anonymous
$20,000  Donna and Ron Kelsey
$15,000   Archdiocese of Kansas City in Ks
$15,000   Ascension K of C 10932
$15,000   Brian Nilges
$15,000 Adrian and Dominique O’Hara
$15,000   Barbara Rew
$15,000   Mark and Judy Rielley
$15,000   St. Thomas Aquinas - Teens for Life
$15,000   Logan and Melissa Yeats

Friends of Olathe Pregnancy Clinic

$11,500   LifeMission Church
$8,412     St. Paul Catholic Church and School
$7,500    Anonymous
$5,000 Anonymous
$5,000   Breta and Stephen Colanero
$5,000   Kelly and Deborah Kephart
$5,000   Roger and Mary Mason
$5,000   St. Michael the Archangel K of C 12577
$6,670 Prince of Peace Catholic Church
$4,550   John and Beverly Hartley
$4,500   Dan and Anne Whitesel
$4,486    St. John Paul II Catholic Church
$4,000   Divine Mercy Catholic Church
$3,312    St. Paul K of C 1913
$3,000   Anonymous
$3,000   Ron Bonesteel
$3,000   Kenneth and Karin Capron
$3,000   Divine Mercy K of C Gardner
$3,000   Kit Chadick
$3,000   Thomas and Suzette Clark
$3,000   Joel and Ann Ekis
$3,000   Sharrid and Dale Girard
$3,000   Cathryn and Chris Radiel
$3,000   Matt and Stephanie Rosentreter
$3,000   John and Cindy Seberger
$3,000   Phil and Michele Straub
$3,000   Janna Willhaus

Donations may be mailed to Olathe Pregnancy Clinic
at P.O.Box 12710, Kansas City, KS 66112

Other donation considerations:

  • Donations are tax-deductible for income tax purposes.

  • You may find tax advantages by donating stock, real estate, collectibles, autos, boats, closely held stock, etc.

  • If you are receiving Required Minimum Distributions from your IRA there may be tax advantages to donating these investments.

  • Does your company offer employer matching contribution?

  • You may be able to direct your United Way donations to WPC or OPC.

Please consult your tax advisor on the above.