What can happen during a sonogram

She came to our clinic overwhelmed and confused, really not even sure why she chose to come; she just wanted an abortion. Jackie (not real name) sat with a counselor and really listened to what she had to say. Jackie asked many questions, watched a video on abortion, held the fetal models in her hand, and then decided to have a sonogram. She saw her 13-week and 5-day-old child jump with joy in her womb. 

During the sonogram, her friend took his iPod that he was listening to and placed the earphone on her stomach. The baby instantly became still, and Jackie started to cry tears of joy. She was amazed at the miracle of her child, who she recognized for the first time.  This is a common experience for abortion-risk clients who receive free sonograms at our clinics.

This powerful tool allows a client to both see and hear the gift of life.